• Native WalletConnect implementation is used instead of relying on Hedera WalletConnect

Breaking changes:

  • getSigner() was removed in favor of using getSigners(). There is no concept of an active signer anymore, and all signers are active simultaneously


  • Fix an issue, when session requests could be sent earlier, than the wallet received the session approval


  • Add ability to subscribe to session disconnect or session expiration


  • Fix that allows to use handshake method with mobile devices.


  • BladeConnector constructor is now private. BladeConnector.init async method should be used instead.


  • ConnectorStrategy.EXTENSION will now throw an error, if the extension was not detected


  • Reworked overall documentation

  • General code and library design improvements

Breaking changes

  • BladeSigner was renamed to BladeConnector

  • ExtendedSigner was renamed to BladeSigner

  • Hedera-related methods were removed from the BladeConnector. Now connector.getSigner() should be used in order to perform those operations.

  • Legacy extensions (v0.18.1 and earlier) are no longer supported

  • onAccountChanged method was renamed to onWalletUnlocked

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